My Project Tracker

My Project Tracker


Here it is! The building and renovation resource you never knew you needed, and won’t know how you ever lived without!

Now you can plan for all the costs of your Project and keep track of your budget, every step of the way. This spreadsheet will prompt you to include costs you might not have considered, and allow you to monitor how your overall spend changes with every inclusion.

How will that top of the range oven effect your overall spend? Find out instantly as your running total adjusts when you add and change the cost of items. Enter quotes for your entire home or build, or plan your reno room by room. There’s even a whole page dedicated to furniture!

Everything you need to keep costs under control and ensure you allocate funds for the items most important to you. So go on, start planning!

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My Project Tracker is a detailed Budget Spreadsheet Tool, that allows you to plan and monitor spending for your Project. Whether you’re renovating one room, building a new house, or simply want to plan the cost of new furniture, this tool will see you through your current project and the next.

You can enter costs by item or category, or room by room, and there are even sections for including costs like planning, tradespeople and landscaping! This is the perfect tool, even if you’re just planning for a future reno, and want to know how much it will cost. It allows you to clearly see the cost of each space, allocate or budget for items or spending, and then enter costs once you have a firm quote or the item has been purchased. As you enter every item, your running total changes accordingly, so you can always see how different items affect your overall spend.